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Knowing daughter is shopaholic, girl’s parents chose groom who can stand for hours outside changing room

27, Apr 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Priya’s parents from the beginning are clear what kind of qualities they expect in their future son-in-law.

“We do not want a fair, tall, handsome boy as the matrimonial sites are filled with such profiles. We have just one requirement. Knowing Priya is a shopaholic, need a son-law who can stand for hours outside changing rooms without getting tired,” said Mr. Madan, Priya’s father while talking to us.

Mr. and Mrs. Madan feel they have played a big hand in making Priya what she is today.

“In this crowded traffic filled city, we cannot go too far to take a break in weekends. We virtually lived our life in malls. Shop, eat, catch a movie and then join the traffic jams. It’s a life cycle, you do not realize, you adopt to it,” said Mrs. Indu Madan, Priya’s mother.

Priya said she is not the one to blame for long standing hours. “Weekends ko sab aate hain mall mein. Makhi bhi nahin udta weekdays pe. Itna bada bada mall, changing rooms only three to four. There would be ten persons ahead of you. At least I am not like others who goes inside the changing room to get selfies with new dress.”

Priya’s parents took all the shortlisted ones to a mall and at the end choose Varun.  

“They do not know about it. My years of experiences by going to malls accompanying my girlfriends have helped me. Using AI, I can say which girl would like which kind of dress”, said Varun, thanks to his powerful leg muscles recently completed a Everest expedition trip.