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After knowing IIT topper watched Doraemon, Parents force their kid to switch from Chhota Bheem to Doraemon

15, Jun 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Ramesh KS was reading about this year IIT JEE topper Sarvesh Mehtani, how he watched Doraemon to control his stress level which helped him during JEE preparation. Upon reaching home he found his son Adithya watching Chhota Bheem. Disappointed Ramesh immediately snatched the remote from Adithya’s hand and looked for a channel where Doraemon was coming and switched to that channel.

tzp (1) He warned Adithya and other family members, from now on if Adithya wants to watch any cartoon program, that would be only Doraemon, no more Chhota Bheem, Shin-Chan or Ninja Hattori. He did not stop there. He blocked the programing slots of other cartoon programs and told Adithya, till he cracks IIT with a very good rank, he can’t watch anything else.

Mr. Ramesh like many other parents has high hopes on his son, Adithya, who is in third standard. He hopes ten years down the line his son will take him to IIT, which he could not do as a son to his father. When we asked Mr. Ramesh, let Adithya watch Chhota Bheem, what’s wrong with that, he said, “If IIT topper Sarvesh Mehtani have found Doraemon to be so much stress reliever, then there must be something good in that serial for my son. I read IIT topper’s all interviews, he didn’t speak about any other cartoon program”.

“Adithya is too young now, till he goes to IIT, he is not in a position to decide anything on his own. As a parent my job is to guide my son, let him know what works best for him”, said Mr. Ramesh.

When we asked Mr. Ramesh about Adithya’s IIT preparation, he said, “We didn’t waste any time. From his LKG time we have started. We could have started a year before but I was onsite. In last 4 years, we have covered a lot, sometimes I am worried just 10 more years left for that all-important exam, but I am sure we will catch up”.

When we are leaving Mr. Ramesh’s house thinking we may have to come again in 2027 to do IIT topper Adithya’s interview, we heard, Mr. Ramesh saying to his wife, “Lata, don’t cook Brinjal, one of my friend who knows Sarvesh’s family was saying he did not like that vegetable. Tomorrow he will get complete diet plan of Sarvesh, let us follow that for Adithya”.