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Kota coaching centers tie up with hospitals to hand over prospectus to parents as soon as the kid is born

12, Jan 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Kota is the coaching hub of India and there are about three dozen coaching centres in the town. The institutes and related businesses such as hostels, stationery shops, cyber cafes and photocopiers have spawned an industry with estimated annual revenue of Rs 1,700 crore. The industry has to continuously innovate itself to be relevant in this fast moving world. The marketing and branding strategies are also being reworked nowadays. Some coaching centers have tied up with hospitals to tap prospective customers after 17-18 years.


Engineering and medicine are still the two most loved careers choices in India with parents playing a huge role in convincing students to take up either of them. So why not give them the coaching choices at the time their kid is born. That would ease their pressure once their kid reaches the ‘going for coaching’ age, which in India is anywhere between 5- 20 years. Schools are not considered as important as they used to be once upon a time with more emphasis on coaching centers for future career choices. Coaching centers decide the future of a kid, not the school education which has become a mere formality nowadays.

Some of the coaching centers have tied up with hospitals and handed over the prospectus to be delivered to the parents. One of the owners of such center Shwetank Srivastava had a brief chat with Faking News reporter and he had this to say,” When a student reaches the age at which he has to join a coaching center, he is spoilt for choices given the number of centers around. So our task is to ease that pressure and help them choose a center immediately after they are born. This method will save lot of precious time in future which they can use for their preparation of entrance exams instead.