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Laughing at your boss' lame jokes can get you good appraisal ratings: Survey

03, Apr 2018 By @jurnoleast

The findings of a recent survey conducted by GFNSA (Good For Nothing Statistics Agency) could just be the answer to all important question most employees face during appraisal on how to get good ratings. According to the survey, laughing at your boss’ lame attempts at humor so that he doesn’t come across as a fool can help you ace the performance review.

The survey was conducted across the country and employees major companies especially from the IT industry were part of the sample group. Around 70 percent of respondents said that appreciating the boss’ sense of humor even if it was a lie, got them good ratings. Letting your boss know that he has a killer dressing sense came a close second while doing his daily chores grabbed the third place.

Bengaluru based IT employee Ranjit Nair too showed symptoms of appraisal fever. Having spent 3 years in the same role without any onsite posting, the software developer was desperate to nail it this time. He now finds hope thanks to the survey. “I though linking Adhaar was a pain the ass, till I saw the performance evaluation sheet sent by HR. It took me 3 hours just to fill the Achievements section last year. But after reading the survey, I think I have it all figured out.”

Many employees reported that their equation with their boss improved dramatically after laughing to their lame jokes. Around 60% of those surveyed revealed pay hike while many got performance bonus too.

Few however had a different story tell. “I think I got carried away. I laughed non-stop for an hour and finally said ‘sir aapko toh stand-up comedian hona chahiye tha’. I think that was a career limiting move,” said a sales professional who didn’t wish to be named.

Ministry of HRD however has said that such surveys should be taken with a pinch of salt and employees should use their discretion while dealing with the findings.