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In-laws ask iPhone X for all family members as dowry

14, Sep 2017 By dasu

Gurgaon: Seema’s family is in shock. Hardly a week before the marriage, the groom Arun’s family is demanding latest iPhone X 256GB model for each member of their family.


“Apart from the cost which will be more than 7 lacs, they are demanding to postpone the marriage till November 1st week when iPhone X will be available in India”, said Lalit Tiwari working as middleman between Seema & Arun’s family.

“When the marriage discussion started, Arun’s family did not demand anything. They said Seema is like their daughter, she does not have to bring anything with her apart from whatever is in her wardrobe. Slowly it changed to ‘Ladki Ke Parents Jo Khusi Se De Hum Mana Nahi Karenge’. Then the list grows depending on the standard set of issues groom’s family face. For example, how Arun who is working as a civil engineer has back pain while going by scooter, a SUV would help him as well as the newlywed couple to roam around”, said Lalit.

Standard response from Arun’s mom will be, “Whatever Seema will get, it is for her & Arun’s only. ‘Hume Issi se kuch lena dena nahin hai’. We just want them to be happy”.

When Lalit asked Arun’s father for the reason behind iPhone X demand, he said, “I was going through its spec. My eyes as well Arun’s mom’s eyes are weak. End to end display, all-new 5.8-inch Super Retina screen will help us. At this age, difficult for me to remember password or use finger print to login, with face recognition it will help people like us. Recently one of my friend’s son got married who is a junior bank employee. They got iPhone 6 for full family. Compared to him, Arun is ‘well educated’, he has diploma and doing BE through correspondence. I don’t think we are asking for ‘too’ much”.

Arun’s mom said, “The phone we will get, we will use in taking snaps during Sangeet ceremony, wedding reception. Bachon ka Khusi ke liye yeh sab kuch”.

Lalit added, “Seema’s parents say iPhone X has opened their eyes. They will take a ‘informed’ decision keeping Seema’s future in mind”.