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Lawyer husband demands fees from his wife after they get into an argument

21, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Gurgaon: Vivek Malhotra, Gurgaon based lawyer was having a normal day, he was arguing with his wife, until Vivek demanded fees from his wife for arguing. This lead argument into an altercation.

Reportedly, Vivek is among the highest paid lawyers of the city and he’s famous for solving the case with his wit and unequaled logic. Vivek once sued a deodorant company when he couldn’t get a girl even after using it for several years. There are many such instances where Vivek has made global companies pay him huge amount.

Faking News reporter spoke to Vivek’s wife, Anusha, who’s an investment banker. Anusha said, “Argument is quite common between Vivek and I, but I am shocked that he demanded fees for arguing. I have been helping him with his investments but I never asked fees. He must understand that personal life is different from professional life.” Anusha further added “Men should understand when they try to win an argument with a woman they lose both.”

After the incident Anusha approached a divorce lawyer that lead to one more argument between the couple. Vivek isn’t a divorce lawyer but he has decent knowledge of the same. He suggested Anusha that if he handles her case he will give better verdict since he knows the situation better.

Vivek’s motive behind fighting his wife’s case against himself is questionable. Vivek is a money minded man and he might be doing this just to make sure he gets one more high profile case.

It’s time we learn to prioritize between our personal life and professional life. Both are equally important for living a good life but the regret of losing a person is always more than losing any amount of materialistic life.