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Lawyers demand 'work from home' facility, so that they don't have to spend time in courts arguing 'special cases'

30, Jul 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: A section of lawyers, today signed a petition asking the government to allow ‘work from home’ facility considering the odd working hours which they have to put up with when arguing ‘special cases’.

Lawyers hopeful that government will listen to their demand for 'work from home'.
Lawyers hopeful that government will listen to their demand for ‘work from home’.

Speaking to Faking News, a lawyer practicing at the Delhi High Court said, “You cannot expect us to attend court at 3 am. We can stretch ourselves only for special cases not the regular ones. But lately these ‘special’ have become regular occurrences. With so many politicians and celebrities involved in legal issues, we anticipate more such ‘extended proceedings’. All we ask from the government is to introduce ‘work from home’ facility.”

Lawyers say that on an average, they end up working as many hours as an IT worker. Sometimes working 12 hrs and even on weekends.

“There are times when we have to work late nights on Saturday and also forced to wake up early next morning to listen to PM’s Mann ki Baat. If we put in so much effort, why shouldn’t we get the same facility like that provided by the IT industry,” questioned a lawyer under condition of anonymity.

Govt. has assured that it will look into this matter and ensure that lawyer’s demands are met. Sources within the govt say that this facility will go well with PM’s pet project to use technology as part of Digital India.

Meanwhile, noted lawyer and expelled BJP-MP Ram Jethmalani was not happy with the govt’s decision. He said, “These current bunch of lawyers are a lazy lot. Being a lawyer is a 24 by 7 job and these people are looking for short cuts. I have defended so many accused in my career. Do you know I did not sleep for days while defending Kanimozhi in 2G scam? Did I ask for facilitites?”

“This govt led by Narendra Modi is detrimental to the country. First he says he wants to do away with all the archaic laws and now he is introducing this facility. I am going to write an open letter to the PM stating that I am breaking up with him once again, even if it is on the eve of Friendship Day. My diminishing respect has diminished even further,” he said while pouring himself a peg of Jack Daniel’s.