Lawyers expecting more than 50 lakhs Divorce cases this week as India vs Pakistan match falls on Sunday

16, Jun 2019 By Guest Patrakar
With India vs Pakistan just few hours away, advertisement company are getting very excited about TRPs but there is one more set of people which is excited about India vs Pakistan match and that is the lawyer community. Why is it so? Let’s find out
Bar council of Delhi, Bihar, Maharashtra and Punjab is very excited for India vs Pakistan match. Lawyers believe that more than 50 lakhs divorce cases will be filed after this match. We asked a famous divorce lawyer for the reason behind this. He said, “I have been into civil law for the last 40 years and everytime India vs Pakistan falls on a Sunday, there are many divorce cases that are filed after the match. Since men want to watch this match at any given condition but they cannot do so in front of their TV buff wives. And they cannot even leave the home since it’s a Sunday hence they both have a quarrel over this and decide to get separated after that. Hence we are expecting close to 50 lakhs divorce cases this time”.
Even the gift galleries and stores like Archies are looking for a sales boom after this match. They believe that single boys get involved so much into the match that they forget that they even have a girlfriend in their life, which results in breakup. Thus to make their gf happy they come to them and buy expensive gifts.
It takes a lot to watch India vs Pakistan on a Sunday, we just hope Team India makes it worth it.