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Lazy fat man seeks "state of depression" to reduce body weight instead of hitting gym

20, Nov 2014 By Akash

New Delhi. Height of laziness has broken all its previous records when a man, 33 years old and with 135 kg weight , was found seeking “depression” to reduce some body weight.

Media got to know about him through his much trending Facebook post saying, “I wish depression to make  hold on me to eventually burn this deadly fat accumulated over my body. Have lost will to work out in gym.”

Govind Salvi, the man in question who is a software engineer, had gained weight exponentially in the last three years after he started working in a big IT firm. He blamed his 12-hour sitting job for his over-sized body and laziness.

Govind looked at his increasing paunch size, but he couldn’t get stress or depression.

When Faking News asked him about his decision to get depressed, he said, “Yes, you have heard it right. I have been warned by the doctors about my weight. But my current office life has made me so addicted to sitting, eating, and sleeping that I have lost all the will power to get off my ass and hit the gym. And I need to find some other solution to reduce the fat resting on my body.”

When our reporter questioned his solution of using depression, he instantly answered, “Why not? Depression is much  effective and fast method than gym for reducing weight. I myself had witness many examples of depressed guys who lost their weight in few months without any gym and control on diet.”

Initially he thought that he will get depressed by virtue of being in the IT sector, however, to his shock, he gained fat but no depression, not even stress. “Maybe I got unusual boss and clients,” he wondered.

But he has not lost all hopes. “I am trying to be in love with a girl whom I am sure that I can never get. Also I am watching Sajid Khan movies these days. However the girl thing is not working as of now, but I guess Sajid Khan movies are working for me. I have just watched one and I felt a bit depressed and lost 2 kgs. I am planning to watch more in upcoming days,” he revealed his weight-loss plan.

Although doctors and medical research warn that stress, often found before depression, can lead to further weight gain, the claims of Govind has gone viral on social media and now everyone believes that stress is good for fat people.

With his weight-loss plan going viral and public, an overweight Govind has now become popular overnight. He has now got a Facebook page of his own with more that a million followers, mostly fat people. He is reportedly flooded with letters seeking advice on losing weight using depression.

Torrent downloads of Himmatwala and Humshakal have also increased  since Govind’s solution came into limelight.

Meanwhile, many gym owners in NCR  have reported sudden absence of fat guys. Most of them are now seeking depression than gym for reducing their weight.

“We are planning to replace our trainers with abusive people who can push people into depression,” a gym owner said.