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Leading industrialist's wife arrested for not being a fashion designer, interior decorator or a social worker

13, Feb 2016 By chachachaudhary

Mumbai. Last night in an affluent area of Mumbai an industrialist Malaikhor  Makkhichoos hosted a party. The party was thrown as his 6th wife named Saamaajik Titli had participated in a photography workshop and got a participation certificate.

Cops at the party scene
Cops at the party scene

The party was at its prime, suddenly a  special squad of law enforcement who specialized in dealing with a certain set of crimes of high society stormed the party and asked for a lady named  Rajlakshmi Imaandaar. Rajlakshmi is the first wife of another industrialist Harishchandra Imaandaar.

Usually faking news correspondents are not allowed in such parties, our correspondent Bonobos gatecrashed the party for some news and free liquor.

The head of the special law enforcement squad did not reveal much about the charges to be pressed against Rajlakshmi but said, “She has been arrested for being an industrialist’s wife but still not being a fashion designer, interior decorator or a social worker.”

When Bonobos probed Saamaajik Titli about her one of guests being arrested she responded, “I had already warned Rajlakshmi multiple times regarding her criminal mindset in high society, last month we held a gathering to discuss animal cruelty she had come to the gathering wearing ordinary Sari and Chappals, we were shocked to see her dress when everybody else was wearing leather boots and expensive fur overcoats.”

“In an another incident when our another friend Dimpy held a gathering to discuss poverty and hunger, I had called upon world’s 10 most expensive chefs but she criticized them saying that the occasion is not appropriate for expensive food. Am I supposed to eat 10 rupee Vada-Pao at the occasion,” she questioned.

“Our entire group has already advised her to leave her profession of being a school teacher and do something creative. She could throw money hire a writer and herself become a writer, she could use google and become a fashion or an interior decorator, or she could be a social worker like us. If you have money, at least you can propagate that you have creative talent,” said Mrs. Titli.

“My husband had also advised her husband Harishchandra to buy an IPL team but he refused saying that he would rather sponsor 10 state level athletes. What is the point in doing anything which is not going to get media coverage? If Rajlakshmi had a cricket team she would have been busy and be in Page 3 news. She could have easily avoided the arrest,” she concluded.