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Local idiot wears sunglasses after evening, wins girlfriend

10, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Kanpur. While the mystery of Bollywood celebrities wearing sunglasses even after sunset was still unsolved, another incident has shocked the entire humanity.

Banti, a local idiot with no interest in education or employment, won the heart of Babli, widely accepted as the most beautiful girl of city’s Gulaabi Colony.

This poster was found from Banti’s bedroom

And this could happen just because Babli couldn’t resist the coolness quotient of Banti, who has been wearing shades at night.

“This is totally shocking!” Manish, the neighbor of 21-year-old Banti told Faking News, “Forget girlfriend, he couldn’t even befriend the local dog Moti all these years. He was such a disgusting cheapo!”

Banti too confirmed that he had been a loser all these years, but his latest transformation into a hot dude with cool shades was due to the duplicate Ray-Ban aviator that he bought last month from a road side vendor for Rs.100.

“As soon as I tried the goggles, that chashmawala told me I was looking like a hero,” Banti recalled, “I knew it will give me an edge over other guys in the colony who had been trying to impress Babli.”

Already brimming with handsomeness and hotness, Banti clinched the deal when he wore the shades at 9 PM last night and went for a “round” near Babli’s house. Babli was on the terrace of her house at that time due to power cut in the area.

“Although it was dark due to the regular load shedding, his face was shining like a diamond,” the local lass recounted how she fell for the hunk, “Along with a yellow shirt and green bell bottom jeans, he was looking class apart. And the moment he smiled at me, showing his front tooth that matched in color with his cool shades, I knew it was him.”

So much was the impact, that sources claim that Babli blurted out a loud “love you Banti” to express her sentiments, shocking everyone around. Her parents took her to the nearest neurosurgeon this morning and the primary diagnostic results are reported to be normal.

The incident has shocked the local guys, local girls, fashion designers, and evolutionary biologists alike.