With lockdown entering third week, mans beard grows into a face mask

08, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

Lockdown has entered third week and for most men in the country, grooming has taken a backseat.


This proved true for a Delhi based man whose beard grew big enough to cover his lower part of his face.

With no intention to part with his beard, the man weaved it into a face mask. Speaking to Faking New, the man on the condition of anonymity said, “First of all face masks are in short supply. Then there was this problem with my unmanageable beard. So I thought of killing two birds with one stone and just turned it into a face mask. Maine socha dadhi badh gayi hai, beard cover ka fayda utha sakte hai”

The man’s ingenuity quickly went viral on social media, managing to get praise from Govt officials as well.

social media too lauded his creativity. Some ‘whatsapp doctors’ even called the beard mask better than the N95 masks.

“Desperate times call for desperate measure. This is pretty clever of him to have taken his facial hair and turned it into something useful,” remarked one twitter user.

Another comment on Facebook read, “I wanted to buy a facemask. But the local store doesn’t have it. Now I know how to cover my face without having to spend on a mask.”

Indian Council of Medical Research however warned citizens against falling for such claims.

“We know that lockdown is taking toll on the mental health of citizens. But this ‘beard mask’ thing is ludicrous. If you are having problems managing a beard, trim it. Or better still just shave it off. Turning it into a mask is nonsensical. By that logic even Anil Kapoor can ditch his clothes are turn body hair into a trench coat,” reasoned an official from ICMR.