Lockdown will be removed once everyone learns how to make jalebi at home: PM Modi

10, May 2020 By Sandeep Kadian
New Delhi: The lockdown in the country due to Coronavirus, which has been going on since the 25th of March, is showing no signs of ending soon as the cases continue to increase. However, there is light at the end of the lockdown tunnel as per Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi announced today that the lockdown will end on the day everyone learns how to make jalebis while sitting at home.
During the lockdown, everyone in India has learned how to make excellent Samose, Golgappe, Idli, Sambhar, but Jalebi is still missing from most people’s range, and Government is now waiting for people to master that before lifting the lockdown.
Speaking to the camera, PM Modi said that if people learn to make these snacks at home, they will not need to step out during the upcoming Monsoon season to buy hot snacks. This will help in maintaining social distancing once the craving for Pakode, samose, jalebi hits with the rains. That is why he stressed, it is important to become self-sufficient during this lockdown period.
However, opposition leaders have lashed out at the Government over this announcement. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that Narendra Modi is just trying to impose Gujarati Fafda-Jalebi on the rest of the country by forcing them to learn how to make jalebi at home. He called it an attack on the South Indian cultural practices.
CPM leader Sitaram Yechury has also condemned this decision, calling it an attack on the livelihood of halwais across the nation.
Meanwhile, Modi ji has asked everyone to head to their balconies at 8 PM next Sunday, with gas and kadhai, so that everyone cooks jalebis at the same time.