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Long queue of girls observed after man bans entry of girls in his bedroom

06, Jan 2019 By Guest Patrakar
The age old tradition of Sabrimala was finally broken when two women below 45 years of age entered into the Sabrimala temple. Seeing the desperation of girls trying to enter into places which are banned, a man from Pune banned the entry of women to his bed room.
What’s the logic behind this? We directly asked the man himself. Pramod Vihari of Pune told us, “I am an engineer and that too with mechanical branch which means the only girls I ever talk to are from customer care department of a service provider. But now I am 35 and want to get settled in life and I am finding it difficult to do so. Then I saw some girls getting insane over Sabrimala since the entry of girls is banned there. So I picked a leaf from that incident and have decided to ban entry of girls in my bedroom so that they get offended and try to enter my place and I will marry one of them.”
Social media has made people rebellious. They often end up doing what is banned by rituals or traditions just to sound different and cool. If you remember, a guy in Kolkata murdered his collegue who was also his wife’s bf by making him jump into a well by naming it #JumpIntoWellChallenge. Although that guy had recorded the incident and hence was caught by West Bengal police.
Pramod has laid the trap for women to fall into it now let’s see if women actually fall into it or not.