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Maharashtra Govt to take help of Thailand cave rescue team to find plastic bags hidden by housewives in houses

13, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

After an over two-week-long mission to rescue 12 boys and their coach from an inundated cave, Thailand finally got its moment of relief as the mission ended in success with support pouring in from different corners of the world. Rescuers suffered from a week-long dilemma over the best way to bring the trapped out of the cave even as the flood situation exacerbated due to bad weather and intermittent rains kept making things harder for the rescue team. But the team finally rescued all 12 boys and their coach. There has been constant praise for this courageous team. Different organizations and governments now want to take help of this team to help citizens in different ways. Maharashtra govt has recently banned all plastics from the state and wants to take help of this team in finding out all hidden plastic bags in houses.BeFunky-collage (9)

Indian housewives have a habit of collecting plastic bags, putting it in corners, under the bed and every small place possible and sometimes they use a bigger plastic bag to collect the small plastic bags and then a bigger one to collect the bigger plastic which contains the smaller plastic bag. This is a tedious task but mastered by the housewives. Sometimes even they find it difficult to find all plastic bags hidden by them in corners. So for the government to implement the ban properly, it makes sense to first find all plastic bags hidden in households by housewives, which is a very tough task. This is where the Thailand Cave rescue team will come into the picture.

Whether or not the rescue team takes up this project is still a question, but going by their recent history of helping out citizens across the world, it won’t be surprising if they give a nod to the request.