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Maid who did not take Diwali leave gets adopted by the family

18, Nov 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: A large number of households in Mumbai and other cities across India are facing ‘bai crisis’ these days. The domestic help, the cook and the babysitter, who are now the backbone of urban families, are on Diwali break. There were over 10 lakh women working as domestic help in Mumbai in 2016, as per Maharahstra’s Labour Welfare Board. Maid

There is a famous saying “Behind every successful woman, there is a good maid, cook and babysitter,” and its true. It is the maids who run the show in Mumbai. And that is the precise reason when Shwetank and his family adopted their maid who didn’t take a single day off in Diwali. It came to them as a surprise at first as they were prepared to give her aa 5 days off.

But she never asked. In fact, Shwetank’s wife had to ask the maid the reason behind her not taking any day off for Diwali. It was only after they were convinced by her answer that they decided to adopt the maid.

In some families, all members are chipping in to help women in doing the chores, but all of them are not lucky A large number of drivers are also on leave giving office goers a tough time All big cities have domestic help aggregator but they are finding it difficult to meet the demand during Diwali.