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Making sex education part of school curriculum will make students lose interest in sex: Harsh Vardhan

27, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Justifying his views about banning sex education in schools, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan warned that future citizens of India will lose all interest in sex if it was made part of school curriculum.

“There is a clear and present danger. We all know how students start hating normal subjects like Maths and History, just because they are part of the curriculum and they are asked to study. It’s a natural tendency to think of things in curriculum as boring,” Harsh Vardhan explained to Faking News why he was in favor of expelling sex education from schools.

Harsh Vardhan
“Simple logic hai yaar”

“They accuse me of following RSS agenda, but I’m trying to prevent India from becoming a country of baal brahamchaaris. How is this RSS agenda? RSS agenda is to help Hindus have more babies so that they don’t become a minority community in India,” he further defended himself.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan believes that it is better if students explore the subject of sex on their own. Just like they explore their hobbies and streets in the areas they live.

“See, I accept that we need sex education, but do students also feel the same?” he argued, “Students are casual about sex education and they crack jokes in back benches of classrooms right now. But if we ban sex education, students will suddenly get serious about it. Self motivated students will learn about sex with more zeal as compared to what they would have learnt about it in school.”

Many school students agreed with Doctor’s unconventional prescriptions.

“Today it is sex, tomorrow they will have classes on Facebook and Twitter!” wondered Priyank, a class 10th student of Delhi Public School while watching an MMS on WhatsApp, “I mean, teachers, leave the kids alone!”

Priyank too claimed that keeping sex education out of curriculum will promote natural exploring instinct in students like him.

“Till class 6th, I used to think that babies were born when married people kissed each other. My parents won’t talk much about it, so I kept researching to know the truth. And finally in class 7th, after going out to the local cyber cafe, I came to know about the truth. But see, I never did any such research to understand structure of an atom,” he explained.

While many agree with this logic, there are some who claim that if sex education was kept out of official curriculum, private parties will start offering coaching to teach the subject to students.

“After medical and IIT coaching, Kota could see mushrooming of sex education coaching centers next,” an expert warned.