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Malls open "men’s day care" to assist women in shopping

16, Nov 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore. In a wise move to avoid constant interruption to women by bored men while shopping, malls in Bangalore have opened up a men’s day care center to allow women to be worry-free while shopping.

“We realize that men have become a huge problem when it comes to giving women empowerment in malls,” said Rahul Gowda, owner of one of the malls, “Apart from cribbing, picking their noses and yawning, they end up starting at other women due to boredom. So, we thought we need this day care to get the men away from our most valuable customers.”

It happens.

Every man should be accompanied by a woman and after he gets registered in for Rs 500, the woman gets a Rs 200 gift card. Amenities in the day care included Xbox/PlayStation games, arcade games, plasma TVs that show sports and a beer lounge to keep them entertained.

“The beer lounge is a total hit,” said Rahul, “We give a free mug of beer to men who show the bar manager that they give their credit cards to the women they bring. Others who don’t, need to pay as per the normal prices. For men, it’s a place where they can privately gossip about their wives atrocities.”

Due to the free “Wife-free wifi zone” provided, many IT employees have started working over the weekend while their wives do the shopping.

“Free wifi, no wife and entertainment all around us. What else do we need?” quipped an IT engineer who was having his usual chai and sutta in the smoking room attached to the day care.

Over the first week after it was opened, sales in the shops have increased ten fold. But on the downside, women have raised complaints that some men have refused to come out of their day cares citing boredom and lack of entertainment outside of it.

“We are working on these complaints raised by women. Some men have even come back willingly asking us to admit them back after they got to know the amount of purchases made by their wives,” said Rahul.

Meanwhile, cases of men constantly harping their girlfriends or wives to go for shopping in the malls and voluntarily handing out their credit cards are also coming into light.