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Man addicted of visiting shopping malls leaves his job to become security guard in a mall

22, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Ghumantu Gupta, a 27-year-old executive addicted to visiting shopping malls without specific reasons, left his cushy and well paid job to join as a security guard in one of the biggest malls of the NCR of Delhi.

Ghumantu took this bold step just to take his passion a step ahead. “I always felt like, I belong to this place. This is where I should be, so I listened to and followed my heart,” said Ghumantu, justifying his decision.

Ghumantu at work.
Ghumantu at work

“I simply love roaming around in malls, and like to see people doing the same. It’s not even window shopping that I did. I don’t know. I just felt like a BJP guy listening to a Modi speech, or a Congress guy looking at a Rahul Gandhi’s photo, or an AAP guy shouting at a dharna,” he added further.

However, it wasn’t easy for Ghumantu to get the job at the mall. Being overqualified was one of the reasons as mall authorities were not ready to pay him in accordance with his resume. But after Ghumantu agreed to work on salary of a normal guard, they took him on board.

“I am very satisfied. Earlier I used to check out girls for free, now I am getting paid for it,” Ghumantu told Faking News why he settled for a lower salary.

Though he has to stand at one place mostly, Ghumantu, due to his qualifications, has been allowed some flexibility and he is allowed to go up and down using escalators.

Being an overqualified security guard is helping Ghumantu career wise.

“He is an engineer by degree and working as a security guard, it’s one of our mall’s USP and we are using this fact in our branding. Many people come to mall just to see him, he is a kind of celebrity guard,” the mall manager disclosed.

Ghumantu’s daredevil act has earned him few fans too.

“He is a ray of hope for people like us, who are in deep love with shopping malls. Time has come that we come out of closet and accept publicly that, yes we are mall addicts and there is nothing to be ashamed about it,” said a “fan” of Ghumantu who is planning to become a mannequin in the same mall.