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Man allowed to get down at Andheri in a Virar bound train, thanks to Sajid Khan

12, Jul 2014 By vargv

Mumbai. Sandeep (29), a Mumbai based IT professional residing in Andheri, was waiting for his daily 6:20 ‘Borivali slow’ train at Mumbai Central station when he missed the announcement that the next train to arrive on his platform was a ‘Virar fast’ instead.

He blames this (the mistaken boarding of the train) on his habit of listening to music while waiting for the train. Little did he know that the next couple of minutes would make him lose hope in humanity.

No, it’s not Fevicol ad.

In order to align himself at the correct door to get down at Andheri, he asked the gentleman in front of him “bhai, Andheri utroge? (bro, will you get down at Andheri?)”

To this, he heard a fit of laughter in the packed compartment followed by a reply, “arey ye train Virar jayegi, Virar. (this train is bound for Virar)

He was jolted to attention after a hard day’s work. After fearfully removing his headphones, he summoned all the courage, which he should have summoned before boarding the train, and asked again with a dry throat, but got the same reply with some more demonic laughter.

All the horror stories he had heard about the dreadful Virar fast train came gushing back to him. The fact that these people won’t let him get down at an intermediate station, and that he would have to go all the way to Virar, dawned upon him. He was living a Mumbai train traveller’s nightmare, he told Faking News.

When Dadar station arrived, he tried to move towards the exit door, but was shoved back in by the incoming crowd. People laughed at his misery and he realized that there was no escape. He overheard the daily commuters exchange stories of how they had taken innocent non-Virar travelers all the way to Virar and hadn’t let them out even after they had begged. Sandeep felt like a deer trapped in a lion’s cage. He had heard that a journey to Virar changes a man, by scarring him forever.

Having accepted the fact that he won’t be home in time to see politicians shouting at each other and one man passing a judgment on a News Show at 9pm, he decided to watch the pirated copy of Hamshakals he had downloaded during office hours to spend his time.

As Bandra arrived, the smirking commuters realized what was going on. Their smirks disappeared and faces tensed up. They couldn’t ignore the stupidity they saw on the giant tablet of their prisoner, and the gibberish coming out of the speakers. As Andheri neared, the commuters decided that they had had enough of this torture. Some of them realized that it was divine punishment meted out to them for playing with innocents like Sandeep over the years.

Someone suggested, “jaane do be isko, ye apna bheja sada dega. (let him get down or he will fry our brains)” Everyone agreed as they made space for an amazed Sandeep to get down at his destination. He even ate the food served at the station stall to check if he wasn’t dreaming.

Our correspondents got in touch with the survivor who had this to say, “I simply can’t believe it. Those few moments tested me; my courage had broken, I had lost all faith. I might be the only guy who has been able to get down at his desired station. I can’t thank Sajid Khan enough.”

A tearful Sandeep vowed to never put on his headphones while on the platform and also filled up his tablet with more Sajid Khan movies in case he errs again. A little joy was seen on his face when we informed him that his name had also been suggested for the Param Vir Chakra.