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Man already craving for butter chicken in his first Navratri fast

25, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Gurgaon. A 24 year old working bachelor keeping his first ever Navratri fast was found to be already craving for Butter Chicken and Momos, just 5 hours into his fast.

Bittoo-Nittoo, staunch non-vegetarians, roommates for 1 year, and big fans of Narendra Modi, decided to keep their first Navratri fast, inspired by PM’s announcement to keep one even during US visit.

“To eat or not too eat”: A dilemma faced by every non vegetarian fasting.

While Bittoo, not so confident about controlling his appetite, gulped 3 plates of butter chicken last night, Nittoo, who was mocking Bittoo’s behavior had a normal dinner.

“He was confident enough to sail through entire next day and claimed he may even fast for 7 days straight,” Bittoo’s maid told Faking News.

However immediately after waking up in the morning, he went out to have momos. Just when he was about take one in his mouth, he heard someone say “Jai Mata Di” and realized he was supposed to fast today.

He ran away from there and began biding his time munching on fruits.

And just when he couldn’t hold himself any longer, he went to Chawla Chicken shop near his building, and asked them to pack just the gravy of butter chicken.

“He was so keen to carry on with fast that he even went there with his own singhare ka atta, sendha namak and other vrat related stuff. He barged into the kitchen of the restaurant and forced chef to use these ingredients while cooking the gravy,” his room-mate Nittoo confirmed.

After a minor scuffle there and few blows on his face by the restaurant’s owner, Bittoo was taken by Nittoo to the nearest doctor.

The doctor on examining him prescribed him an immediate visit to IIT Delhi’s mess.

“Having a look at food served in IIT Delhi’s mess does wonders. I have seen students with empty stomach vomiting after looking at it,” the doctor explained his medication to Faking News, “I am sure after smelling and looking at the dishes there for few seconds, he will no longer have urge to eat anything for some time.”