Man attributes successful events in his life to a "yantra" bought from late night TV ads

02, Jul 2014 By chaitu

Mumbai. Peedith Kumar, a 27 years old resident of Navi Mumbai, who claims have to have been a loser for most of his life, was amazed to see the successful transformation in his life after using the yantra “Peedh Nivaran Nazar Kawach Yantra”, which he bought after watching a late night TV advertisement.

It was during this weekend, when Peedith was randomly shuffling TV channels, Alok Nath ji grabbed his attention with this “yantra” ad on a channel.

Peedith initially thought it was some Rajshri production movie after watching all the family drama in the ad. But it was not until how Alok ji mentioned the miraculous effects that could take place in one’s life after wearing this yantra, the young man realized that this was the moment he had been waiting for.

He was even more convinced after Alok ji himself was wearing the yantra. Peedith said, “When a man like Alok ji is wearing it, you ought to believe the yantra. You know, he was crediting all his success in his professional life to that yantra!”

TV Yantra
The yantra was somewhat similar to this

“Further, you get his ashirvad free with the yantra!” he told Faking News.

Further recalling the ad that changed his life, Peedith said that there was a baba, whose beard was whiter than the white shirt from the Tide ad. That baba claimed to have meditated for 800 long years in Himalayas to earn this yantra as Maha Prasad from god himself.

Though Peedith is not a religious man, he was totally convinced when he saw a bald men developing silky hair and people travelling on scooters riding luxury cars after wearing the yantra. The ad also showed how a girl, who wasn’t getting married for having pimples, got marriage proposals within minutes after using the yantra.

Peedith pointed out that the yantra originally cost 16,999 but the baba was generous enough to sell it just for 2,999 rupees. While there were only 9 of them left, Peedith wasted no time in ordering the yantra.

Talking about the good events of his life after wearing the yantra, Peedith said that he was expecting a salary hike % comparable to Rohit’s batting average outside India, but to his surprise, his salary hike % was more than Raina’s batting average in the IPL.

He also claimed that after wearing the yantra, he never got into an argument during his journey in the local train. “In fact, no one even stepped on my toes or pushed me around,” he claimed.

“And guess what, that newly joined girl in my office asked me the way to coffee machine. Today, it’s the way to the coffee machine but tomorrow it will be coffee date!” said a visibly happy-with-yantra Peedith.

Though these events don’t resemble the miracles promised in the TV ad, Peedith is confident of experiencing them soon. In fact, he claims that the miracle might have already taken place.

“Last month I received an ‘Om Sai’ SMS, but I failed to forward it to 27 people. The SMS clearly warned that something bad will happen in my life if I didn’t forward it. But look, this yantra has saved me, and I’m experiencing only good things in my life,” he claimed.