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Man beats Usain Bolt's 100 Meters record while trying to reach the bar within Happy Hours

15, Jul 2017 By Akash Vadera

You may have heard the phrase ‘You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have’.

Delhi based Arjun Khurana was witness to this phrase when he was trying to reach the bar within Happy Hours on Friday evening. Little did he know that his quench of getting more alcohol would make him beat Usain Bolt’s 100 Meters record.

We got hold of him during non happy hours and here’s what he had to say. “It was Friday evening. I and my friends decided to meet in our regular resto-bar. We usually went there during Happy Hours because.. Well who doesn’t like twice the alcohol in the same amount, but that evening there was a huge traffic jam. I called Mohit, one of my friends, and asked him to go and order for us during Happy Hours, but since he’s a non-drinker, he said he would just order coke and not alcohol as it was against his conscience. After telling I would kill him when I meet him, I hung up the phone. I then called Karan, another one of my friends, to tell him to go and order for us since only 2 of us were the ones who drank. He told that he would reach there in 5 minutes. I got depressed. Earlier, when Karan used to tell he will reach in 2 minutes, he used to reach in 20. And now, he told that he will reach in 5 minutes, meant that he was not going to reach before 50 minutes. Now, Happy Hours ended in 20 minutes and I needed to do something about it. At first I considered telling our 4th friend Rahul to go and order but then I remembered that they don’t let him in without us since he looks like a kid. I was running out of options. My mind became numb.”

He added, “Seeing my desperation for alcohol, after hearing my calls, my cab driver told me ‘Tension mat lijiye sahab. Me pohochaunga aapko Happy Hours me’ (Don’t worry. I will make sure you reach within Happy Hours) and then he took a shortcut to the bar. We were at the traffic signal just 100 meters before the bar, waiting for it to turn green. I looked at the watch – only 30 seconds were left for the Happy Hours. I looked at the red signal, which showed 55 seconds remaining. I made up my mind within 5 seconds; walked out of the cab and started running towards the bar. I was running as fast as I could. I saw the bar right in front of my eyes. Everything turned into slow motion for me. Just 15 seconds were left and here I was running my guts out. It was just like a movie scene. I ran so fast that the on-goers recorded me. I reached the bar just 5 seconds before the Happy Hours ended and ordered 2 pitchers. I did it! I made in time for the Happy Hours.”

A guy who recorded Arjun, when he was running, showed the clip to Arjun. This is when Arjun realized that he made it to the bar in 9.50 seconds, which was 0.08 seconds less than Usain Bolt’s 100 meters record. Arjun has sent this clip to the Olympics officials and very soon he will officially be on the record.