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Man becomes an expert salsa dancer after years of navigating Mumbai traffic

28, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: While most people may complain about the traffic in Mumbai, one person at least is happy and credits the traffic in the city for making him an expert in salsa.

Want to learn Salsa? try Mumbai traffic
Want to learn Salsa? try Mumbai traffic

Rakesh Sinha, who works for an FMCG company based in Mumbai spoke to FN reporter on how the Mumbai traffic transformed a man with two left feet, into a dancing expert.

He said, “I came to Mumbai 5 years back and joined an FMCG company as a salesman. My job required me to travel to different parts of the city and most of my travelling was on foot. I remember how scared I was during my initial days when I had to cross the road. I used to wait for the signal to turn red and cars to stop. But the slow moving traffic just wouldn’t  let me cross the road.”

“I observed how people jumped in front of vehicles and navigated their way. Its not just the cars, people have to navigate potholes, cows and bikers who squeeze through narrow gaps. All this has to be done simultaneously. I realized I was good at this and soon my moves got better,” he added.

Rakesh also remembers how girls who wouldn’t even look at him previously, now fall all over him after watching his dancing skills. “I don’t think I have to tell you that women have a thing for guys who can dance. I find it irresistibly attractive,” said a lady standing next to Rakesh.

His colleagues at work too prefer calling him ‘salsaman’ than ‘salesman’.

Inspired by his own success, Rakesh is planning to take his dancing skills further. He has already quit his company and is planning to start his own ‘Salsa class’.

“Yes, the classes will start pretty soon. They will not be held in closed rooms.  I will teach my students the same way I learnt it, by navigating mumbai traffic,” said Rakesh.

When asked about permission from traffic authorities he said, “I wouldn’t really worry about them. There wont be any issues as long as they get their cut. I am also planning to dig more potholes and involve more cows as my students progress from intermediate to expert level.”

Seems like nothing will dampen the spirit of this ‘salsaman’, not even the fact that just like twitter, most men join salsa class looking to get hooked to women.