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Man checks his mobile despite knowing that it's not his mobile that is ringing

13, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. In a not so shocking incident, a Mumbaikar traveling in Mumbai local checked his mobile despite knowing that it was not his mobile that was ringing.

Ashutosh, the man in center of the news was traveling from Bandra to Dadar when he heard a mobile ringing.

Cell Phone
“I am still not sure if it’s ringing or not”

“Although the ringtone which I heard wasn’t the ringtone of my mobile, but just to make sure that my mobile was not backstabbing me by changing the ringtone on its own, I pulled it out of my pocket,” recalled Ashutosh while talking to Faking News.

“You never know, these smartphones can do anything,” he added.

Ashutosh felt relieved once he made sure that it wasn’t his mobile. “I examined it for five minutes before giving it a clean chit, although one corner of my heart and mind knew that it wasn’t my mobile, but still…” he added further.

Ashutosh wasn’t the only person present there who checked his mobile handset.

“It was my mobile which rang, but I was surprised to see 5 to 6 other people standing nearby me checking their mobile phones. It was my wife’s call, and I got a feeling that she was calling all of us at once!” disclosed Prakash Khanna, who claimed he was rendered “victim” in this mass aural illusion.

Later, Prakash breathed a sigh of relief after many of them put their mobiles back in their pocket while shaking their head in disbelief.

“Two of the idiots were behaving as if I snatched pizza from their mouth. They made situation awkward for me, but after seeing their faces, I felt a sense of justice,” said Prakash.

As per onlookers, the disgruntled people who took out their mobile gave Prakash a “Next time, it’s gonna me” look. However, Ashutosh maintained a cool composure and proceeded to make sure that his mobile was functioning normally.