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Man claiming to be dog lover found pelting stones on dog which peed on his car

26, Jan 2018 By itsmihir1993

Raj (28), a Mumbai-based social media addict, who claims to be a dog lover on Facebook, was recently spotted pelting stones at a dog which peed on his car. The incident sent shock waves across the city as everyone had started believing that he was a dog lover, obviously because it was on the Internet and everything on the internet is true.

Raj, who bought a new Honda car last week, was overprotective of his vehicle ever since he got it home. However, on spotting a dog pee on his car, Raj took no time in picking up a nearby stone and hurling it towards the dog, who escaped unhurt.

Speaking to us, the dog said, “I always used to read his Facebook posts, where he claimed to be a dog lover. I hence gained confidence that he will never harm any dog. He’s broken my trust today by throwing stones at me. As a part of revenge, I have decided to pee on his car every day.”

Raj’s friends from the virtual world also claimed that they have never seen someone so compassionate towards dogs, and that this behaviour from Raj has left them shocked. One of the friends, who met Raj on the Internet, said, “Raj loved dogs so much that all his selfies had the Snapchat dog filter in it. I had almost believed that it’s his real face until I met him the first time and saw him without the dog ears and nose.”

According to his friends, Raj follows Instagram handles that post ‘cute’ content on dogs. “He shares dog videos and pictures all the time. It is difficult to digest that he would engage in such a ghastly act.”

Raj, on the other hand, uploaded a picture of him eating chicken with the caption, “Love animals. #AnimalLover #AnimalRights #ChickenLover.”