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Man comes back from polling booth without voting after not being allowed to take camera inside

15, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

Pune.  A 22 years old man Raghav Arya, today returned from his polling booth station, without casting his vote after not being allowed to take his DSLR camera inside the booth premises by authorities.

Raghav was reportedly very excited to vote and had even purchased a Manish Malhotra sherwani to be worn on the day.

“He bought the best DSLR in market to capture the voting moment and surroundings perfectly,” his friend, who accompanied him to the polling booth and whom Raghav had entrusted the task of clicking photos, revealed. “He even got a 3G connection to upload those photos on Facebook from booth itself.”

One of the pics uploaded by Arya.
One of the pics uploaded by Arya.

“The way he was dressed it seemed he was not there to vote, but was some groom who had forgotten the location of his wedding venue,” an onlooker confirmed.

But just as he was about to enter the booth, he was stopped by booth security staff who told him that electronic equipments were not allowed as per order of ECI.

Shocked, he first tried to argue and even offered to bribe the officials but to no avail.

Incensed, he stormed out of the booth vowing to not vote ever in his life.

“I mean what is this. It’s like going abroad and not being allowed to check in on Facebook,” he screamed as he exited the main gate.

Not in a mood to let his investments go waste, he was later spotted roaming outside stationary shops, enquiring about the most authentic blue ink in market currently.

Faking News later caught Raghav applying ink on his thumb and spoke to him.

“I could sense it will not be a good day as something or other was going wrong right from the morning,” he told our reporter.

“First up I was unable to trace my voter ID card, camera and then found the batteries completely discharged,” he recalled.

Raghav later clicked a pic of his inked thumb and uploaded on Facebook with caption “Voted for AAP”, which received comments like ROFL, LOL, ‘Why not AIADMK?’, ‘But elections are not happening in Delhi’ etc.

Meanwhile, realizing their mistake after seeing low voter turnout, ECI is planning to have professional photographers at polling booths to encourage youngsters in cities to vote in large number.