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Man communicating only through emoticons in his bid to use all emoticons on Whatsapp once

31, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Ashutosh, a 28 years old man was today diagnosed with OED (Obsessive Emoticon Disorder). In his bid to exhaust usage of all possible emoticons on WhatsApp, Ashutosh was found to have forgotten how to convey without them.

What initially began as a curiosity to explore usage of emoticons, later turned into an obsession and then addiction for Ashutosh. As per his colleagues, there came a stage when he talked only through emoticons and there was no text whatsoever.

Screenshot of a usual WhatsApp reply by Ashutosh.
Screenshot of a usual WhatsApp reply by Ashutosh.

“Not that his English was very good, but this was even more difficult to comprehend,” his friend told Faking News.

Tired of his actions, his friends took him to a psychiatrist where he was found HIB Positive (tested positive for Highly Irritating Behavior).

“Once I cracked a joke and everybody in office was laughing, except him. I could see him trying to control his laughter and found it weird. Later, he sent me 5 different laughing smileys and a thumbs-up emoji on WhatsApp, probably to convey he liked my joke,” his colleague recalled how emoticons had become the only means of communication for Ashutosh.

In the early stages of HIB infection, Ashutosh would take time to find appropriate emoticons to convey what he wanted, but he soon realized that it was a futile exercise as the receiver would invariably interpret it differently.

Frustrated, he began sending any emoticons he could lay his fingers on, especially the ones he had not used so far in his WhatsApp career.

“I remember once he followed an RIP message with grinning face emoji on our group where we were mourning our friend’s grandmom’s death,” his friend revealed.

“He would try to deviate the conversations on groups depending on the emoticon he wanted to use,” he added.

Following this, he was removed from almost all the groups by the respective admins.

Meanwhile doctors treating him have demanded inclusion of an Emoticon Communication subject in MBBS as they expect an increase in cases like Ashutosh in future.