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Man connects his mobile to loudspeaker to celebrate Diwali with WhatsApp notification sound

23, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Vishal, a man in his mid twenties found an unique way to maintain his online-offline life balance by connecting his mobile to loudspeaker, so that he could celebrate Diwali without hampering his online presence.

Vishal was worried since Diwali morning, as with continuous exchange of Diwali messages on WhatsApp, he wasn’t getting time to even remove his eyes from the mobile screen.

Celebrate digital Diwali.

“Dude, I was getting Diwali wishes from people who otherwise never send a single SMS or WhatsApp message,” Vishal told Faking News, “It’s flood like situation on WhatsApp. So I thought, why not channelize the flood water and use it in some constructive way.”

“The biggest challenge in front of me was to take out time to burn crackers and have some fun. It was then I noticed the WhatsApp notification sound and realized the hidden potential it had. After that I immediately connected my mobile to loudspeaker,” Vishal explained how he converted WhatsApp into an automated sound bomb.

“Now each WhatsApp notification is making sound as if I am blasting some bomb. And if there are multiple notifications within seconds, it gives a feeling of chatai-bomb (electric cracker),” Vishal further added, while messaging this trick to his friends on WhatsApp. “As my college friends are in different cities, so we have decided to celebrate Diwali on WhatsApp itself.”

However, Vishal accepts the fact that his innovation is not completely eco-friendly. But he is happy that at least he managed to keep air-pollution out of the scene.

“And above all, it’s free. I am not  wasting money on crackers. When I told my father about this on WhatsApp, he was very proud of me,” he quipped, adding that he talks to his family members on WhatsApp only to cut down mobile bill.

Considering the fact that Diwali is a festival of light, Vishal has even increased brightness of his mobile screen.

“Not only that, I have even downloaded few apps like Flashlight to keep my mobile throwing out light all around. Tonight, I don’t want an inch darkness near my mobile,” Vishal concluded.