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Man creates a new record by travelling from Bangalore to Mysore wearing helmet in his hand

04, Mar 2015 By dasu

Bangalore. It is not surprising for anyone to come across bike riders who wear helmet in their hand. Out of curiosity, Faking News did one survey, and we were not surprised to find out that more than 50 percent people wear helmet in their hand, especially in big cities like Bangalore. And those who do not do so, find someone to be in their back seat to carry the helmet.

When we asked one of the bike rider Srihari, he told us, “See, the helmets as such is not at all comfortable to wear in a tropical climate like India. At least in summers they should not force us to wear helmet. But who listens to aam aadmi like us? the traffic police mandates us to wear helmet else they charge us heavy fine!”

Driving without helmet
A common sight of safety on roads

“Being a software engineer, I do not get time to have proper haircut. The other day I had a nice hair cut by paying 200 bucks. I could not show it to anyone. Morning 6 o’clock, I was going for milk to a nearby bakery which is so close even Munaf Patel can hit it with a stone. As soon as I took out my kinetic Honda of 1994 make which can’t move beyond 20kmph speed, immediately traffic police caught me in front of my house and took fine for not wearing helmet!” Srihari added.

Srihari thought about different ways of avoiding fine. He observed many of his friends have girlfriends who would sit behind and help them in putting the helmet on their boyfriend’s head as soon as they see someone wearing while shirt and khaki pant.

But he took inspiration from his friend Naga, who motivated him by telling why for a techie protecting the wrist is equally important. To do googling for any piece of code you would need your hand and wrist to work properly while typing. Also he learnt from Naga who was using helmet in such a way from college days, how to quickly transfer the helmet from hand to head as soon as you see a traffic policeman.

To bring awareness about the use of helmet in such manner, he went for a long distance drive from Bangalore to Mysore. He came across twenty five police checking, but no one could fine him. On top of this, he created a new record for wearing the helmet in such a way for 4 consecutive hours. Last heard he has a response time of one and half seconds to transfer the helmet from hand to head which is considered best among his peers.

One of the leading helmet manufacturer in India, Wega helmets told our reporter, “We were exploring this unique opportunity and did some R&D work to have one helmet which can be converted from head helmet to hand or vice versa in a flash through the press of a button. We are planning to launch such helmets in next quarter.”

Naga who was first to put an online order to buy one such helmet, planning his next trip to Ladakh wearing the same helmet in his hand and break Srihari’s record. He hopes his record will stay forever.