Man declares himself unborn to avoid giving birthday party to friends

09, Sep 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. In one of its kind incident on Earth that challenges the accepted concepts of birth and life, a young man has declared himself “unborn”.

Ajanma Jha, the now unborn man, has claimed that he is just “visible” on earth since 11 September 1989, the date known as his birthday for over two decades.

“That’s not my birthday,” Ajanma claimed, “Doesn’t every religion say that soul never dies. I was born many times in the past and will be born again. Why should I be celebrating such random event?”

“It’s like waking up every day. Do you celebrate the time when alarm clock went off?” Ajanma argued.

Birthday candles
As his birthday approached, Ajanma started feeling the heat.

If Ajanma’s friends are to be believed, his decision has a lot to do with his upcoming birthday. According to them, by declaring himself unborn, Ajanma is trying to avoid giving a birthday party.

“I don’t know how many times he was born in various lives, but I’m sure every time he was born a miser. Kanjoos leechad saala!” Arjun, a friend of Ajanma told Faking News.

Arjun further claimed that Ajanma was a regular guest in everyone else’s birthday parties, yet he didn’t want to be host. “On my b’day treat, he alone was responsible for 30% of total bill & in remaining 70% rest of 8 guys managed,” he claimed.

Sources confirm that Ajanma has long record of dubious deeds around his birthdays.

Citing an incident from Ajanma’s college life, his close friend said, “In second year, he ran away from hostel on his birthday, and came back after a couple of days on birthday of another friend.”

Psychologists are calling this behavior as ‘Birthdayphpobia’, means fear of one’s own birthday. Reluctance to spend money and fear of getting birthday bumps are some of the possible causes behind such fear.

Meanwhile some people have started seeing Ajanma as God himself.

“Prophets, God’s incarnations, and godmen have birthdays and we celebrate such days, but it is for the first time that someone has declared his birthday as an irrelevant date. I think he’s the God himself,” said the first devotee of Ajanma, who took 500 rupees from this Faking News reporter as ‘charity’.