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Man develops a dating app exclusively for mechanical engineers; receives a million downloads in few hours

23, Nov 2017 By Akash Vadera

It is a well known, especially among engineers, that guys who are mechanical engineers are most likely to be single. The major reason behind this stereotype getting built is that girls don’t usually prefer choosing mechanical stream.

So, mechanical engineers may have an experience with companies, but they are always ‘fresher’ when it comes to dating a girl. To do something for his mechanical engineer community, one guy has gone all out. Anuj Sharma, a mechanical engineer himself, quit his job 6 months ago and developed a dating app exclusively for mechanical engineers. The result – the app received an overwhelming response with 1 million downloads in just a few hours.

Anuj identified the needs of a community, developed an unconventional solution and finally struck gold with it. Talking about the tremendous success that his app, No More Single, has received, Anuj said, “No More Single was my baby project, incepted right when I was in my engineering college. The sex ratio in our batch was so low; we started actively contributing to the government’s ‘Beti Padhao’ yojna. If engineering is India, our mechanical stream was Haryana. All of us mechanical guys stayed in touch via Whatsapp even after our graduation. We used to observe 2 minutes of silence, whenever someone posted a screenshot of an IT guy getting a girlfriend or a telecomm guy getting engaged or CS guys going to Goa with a group of girls.

“Some guys even used to send crying emojis. Nothing seemed to be working out for us except arranged marriage. And then when my best friend, Suraj Jain, became so desperate that he gave in to his family pressure of arranged marriage, I decided that this needs to stop and I need to give back to my community. So I quit my job 6 months and used all my savings to bootstrap the funding for my dating app No More Single,” he added.

He further stated, “I had expected that it will eventually be a hit with the mechanical guys, but I had never imagined getting 700% traffic in the first week. It was like a chain reaction with the guys. One guy heard of it and used it and he told 3 others, who further told 3 others. It was like that movie Jai Ho, except that this app is a hit.” 

No More Single is truly a revolution for single mechanical guys like Anuj. If you’re still reading this, you’re either single; or mechanical; or a guy. Whatever the case, download the No More Single app and try your hand at dating.