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Man drives to neighbor’s house to show-off his BMW

30, Sep 2015 By Tanuj Khosla

New Delhi: In an incident that has inspired 93.24% of the Indian middle class, Shampy Singh, a 28 year old businessman drove to his neighbor, Golu Dhawan’s house for a party, in his brand new BMW. Up until the time of filing of this report, news of similar incidents had poured in from 161 places in Delhi itself.

Shampy Singh's new BMW
Shampy Singh’s new BMW

Faking News sent its team to Shampy’s house to take a stock of the situation.

A dapper looking Shampy dressed in golden shirt with top two buttons open said, “I bought the BMW a week ago. After posting hundreds of pictures of the BMW logo on my Facebook page, loudly and repeatedly banging the key of the car in front of people I met, deliberately complaining about parking problems by saying ‘meri BMW park karne ki jagah nahi mili’, I still felt that my status in our neighborhood hadn’t increased by much. So I decided to go to Golu bhaisaab’s house in my BMW.”

I wheeled it out of our house and parked it in front of his. The whole ‘journey’ took me good ten minutes as the parking space in front of his house is quite narrow and I wanted to park at an angle where people could see the BMW logo and my name above it quite clearly,” he added.

Faking News caught up with Tanuj Khosla, its in-house expert on such issues. “I don’t know why such a big deal is being made out of a routine event in Indian middle class circles,” said Tanuj dipping his chocolate bar in daal makhani.

“Recently I myself drove to our neighbor’s house in my new but fourth-hand Audi. However it’s a pity that none of them saw me coming or going in it as unlike Shampy we stay in apartments and my neighbors didn’t come to the parking lot to receive me. What is the point of buying an expensive car if you can’t show it off to people? My own cousin Guchu has pasted a Mercedes logo on his Toyota Camry and believe me no one has found him our till date. All this is not a big deal,” he said.