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Man experiences vertigo attack after climbing on back seat of Yamaha R15

15, Dec 2017 By itsmihir1993

A Mumbai man, Vishal Tyagi, suffered a vertigo attack when he decided to pillion-ride on Yamaha R15. Tyagi had visited his friend’s place to check out his newly-purchased R15 when the incident took place.

Before he could ride the bike, his friend insisted him to hop onto the back seat and see what the world looks like from a higher altitude. As soon as he managed to get on top of the back seat without using an elevator, he fainted.

Interestingly, Tyagi calls himself a ‘mountain guy’ as he has trekked to many high-altitude places in the Himalayas. He never suffered from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) despite conquering high altitudes, as revealed by him. “I am an adventure-seeker, so I go trekking in the mountains very frequently. However, the back seat of Yamaha R15 had some crazy height, and I just couldn’t handle all the pressure and fainted on the spot,” he said.

Tyagi, who fantasises about owning a house in a skyscraper, had been making rounds of Lower Parel in search of his new apartment. Changing his plans, he said, “A house in Lower Parel will cost me crores. I’m planning to settle for an R15 now.”

Tyagi’s friend, the owner of the bike, chose to get himself a Yamaha R15 so that pillion riders cannot instruct him on proper driving. “People just won’t let me ride without issuing instructions. I was fed up of backseat driving. With R15, at least their voice won’t reach me due to the difference of height of the two seats,” he revealed.

Reports of similar incidents from various parts of the country have put the automobile giant in a fix. Having rolled out many units of the bike for sale in the market, the makers have decided to not reduce the height of the back seat but provide vertigo medicines in their toolkit. The vertigo medicines will cost a lot cheaper than modifying the bikes all over again, explained an automobile expert.