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Man falls in love with station announcement female voice of Mumbai local train

29, Mar 2014 By rayyanmonkey

Mumbai. Twenty-three years old resident of India’s financial hub, Griffin finds himself deeply in love with the woman behind the announcements on the local trains.

This unique infatuation has lasted well over three years. The youth is seen riding the train from Borivali to Dadar a minimum of 4 times a day.

mumbai local train
Pudhil Station Dadar”, “Agala Station Dadar“, “Next Station Dadar”, These are the words that haunt Griffin Pinto’s sleep.

The voice announcement service was started a few years ago as part of a drive to spruce up Mumbai’s ever so lacking local train system. The announcement usually announces a total of six times each station’s name, in three different languages.

“This has become a serious problem na! He even lost his job now. What am I to do? His father, not working you know. I only do everything man!” said a distraught Mrs. Pinto on being asked about her son’s romantic interests, “I have tried everything na. Even with that Miranda’s daughter we tried. But nothing. Still he wants the train waali.”

In 2011, when Griffin would use the train daily to get to St. Xaviers University he fell irrevocably in love with the mysterious lady behind he announcements. His friends tried to divert his attention with the voice of other announcements but none were as appealing to his heart.

He has even tried to locate the woman behind the voice. At first attempts Griffin was found getting into fights with the TCs but eventually his search for his love came to a dead-end at the Western Railway Office – Churchgate. Therein he was informed that the name would not be revealed due to privacy issues or due to the lack of efficient paper work, whichever the reader would prefer.

Alas Griffin is happy for now simply listening to her voice somewhere close to 300 times a day.

“He just sits there with the most sad expression I have ever seen in this city. Then the voice comes and his eyes light up. The expression he has is pure happiness. Then the voice is over and he goes back to his sadness,” was the report of Harrie Tuwark a daily train user who encounters Griffin on his way home from work had to say when this reporter interviewed him.

Who is to say what will happen of Griffin Pinto and his love story? What is your opinion and can you in any way help him locate his love?

Meanwhile, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the director of Ram-Leela is attempting to purchase the rights to Griffin’s love story to transform it into yet another well made romance story, with ripped actor Ranveer Singh in talks for playing Griffin. But the whole project is at standstill as Sanjay has not been able to get a meeting with Griffin. On account of the later’s constant commute.