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Man falls off cliff while attempting to take a selfie

21, Sep 2014 By Anil Sharma

Dharamshala. A 24-year-old student broke his leg after he fell off a cliff in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, while attempting to take a selfie earlier in the morning today.

Touring the blissful hill-side of Dharamshala, the Delhiite Ravi Kumar, accompanied by his 4 friends was extremely excited clicking pictures of almost every visible thing using his newly bought cell phone.

Ideal pose to click a selfie.

“We were having one of the best days of our lives, but things changed after Ravi decided to pose for a selfie on the edge of the dangerous cliff. We warned him saying ruk ja #@$%# gir jaayega but he didn’t listen,” Ravi’s friend Bablu told Faking News.

Although, Ravi Kumar somehow managed to survive the accident and was recovered and admitted to a nearby hospital by the local police after hours of hard-work.

“At first, we thought he died as it was such a big fall from the cliff. We couldn’t move and we went numb for a few moments. There was no one around to help as well. But after a few minutes when I checked my phone to call someone for help I saw him online on Facebook. He was uploading his newly taken selfies from somewhere in the wild forest in which he fell down from the cliff. He was looking cute with the bamboo trees in the background,” Bablu added.

“Anyway, it was a big relief to learn that Ravi was alive. We called up the local police and a team of 5 policemen came to help us,” Bablu concluded.

Apparently, when the policemen reached to Ravi in the forest he was clicking pictures of himself making faces.

“He was making funny faces and was clicking pictures. At first I thought he must’ve lost his mind after falling off the cliff but after talking to him for a few minutes we realized that he was all good,” senior inspector Rajan Singh told Faking News.

When asked what was the toughest moment of the mission “Recover Ravi”, SI Rajan said, “Well, he also forced us to pose for a few selfies with him. It is very tough to smile with your mouth completely closed.”

“At least I learnt that taking a selfie is an art. You have to look at the camera with so much of love and with a creepy smile on your face as if you’re looking at your newly wedded wife,” Rajan further added.

On the other hand, according to Ravi Kumar, falling off the cliff was his one of the best moments of the entire trip.

“It was so adventure-less from the very beginning. First, the speed of IRCTC website killed the adventure of booking a tatkal ticket as we managed to book all the tickets in just 2 minutes. Also, there was nothing exciting happening on the trip to brag about amongst my Facebook friends. Thank God, I fell off the cliff,” Ravi said smiling.

“I’d loved a selfie with you as well but your nose-hair are too long for a selfie,” the selfie specialist Ravi told our reporter before he started clicking pictures of the khichdi he was served by the hospital management.