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Man files for divorce after spotting cheating wife on Google Earth

10, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A man has filed a case for divorce after he claimed that he saw pictures of his wife cuddling up to a stranger on Google Earth. The man, Shaqqi Usman, was searching for directions to a girls’ hostel on Google Earth Pro, when he spotted the satellite images of his wife Wafaa Usman in the arms of an unidentified man. Shaqqi claims that the images were a clear and crucial proof of his wife’s adulterous character.

“I was shocked to see the images and I immediately printed the images before they could be superimposed by the new ones. Court should direct Google to provide other details about the pictures so that erring wives like mine are brought to book.” Shaqqi said after filing the case in the Delhi High Court.

Spot your spouse
Spot your spouse

Court has issued summons to Wafaa Usman and Google’s India office in the case and has deferred the hearing for another six months and twenty three days. But it seems that Shaqqi could be in trouble for making this novel use of technology. His wife Wafaa has accused Shaqqi of using a pirated version of the Google Earth software.

“He doesn’t even earn a paisa. The household expenses are being taken care of by me and I am even paying for his internet bills. He downloaded pirated version of Google Earth without my knowledge and now he has come up with this ridiculous accusation. I’d sue Google for privacy if Google doesn’t sue him for using pirated software.” an angry Wafaa told Faking News, adding angrily, “and why the hell was he searching for directions to a girls’ hostel?”

A statement from Google India has tried to downplay the whole situation and has refused to confirm if it would sue Shaqqi Usman for using pirated version of Google Earth Pro. But the company categorically denied that Google Earth infringed upon the privacy rights of any individual.

“The degree of privacy of an act performed by a person in an open or public space is debatable. Google respects the privacy of a person as we don’t even read the content of e-mails on our server.” the statement by the company read.