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Man forced to take loan to pay for calls made to customer care of a bank offering loan

22, Sep 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: City based software engineer Javed got the shock of his life when he received a letter from his bank. As per the letter he was directed to close the loan at the earliest, otherwise bank would take necessary action to recover the amount.

Frustration of dealing with customer care
Frustration of dealing with customer care

Javed explained to us what he was going through after he did the mistake of taking a loan from a reputed bank. He said, “I had taken a personal loan almost a year back to give a nice present to my former girlfriend. After she left me, did not want to keep any memory related to that gift. I did cut down my expenditure & quickly pre-closed the loan as I wanted to move on with my life.”

“After that I did not know why I was repeatedly getting calls from bank. One day when I was inside the washroom, someone by the name Nisha called me. Some other day when I was struggling inside BMTC bus, someone by name Disha called me. If I asked them, why am I getting calls when I have settled the loan? The response was, they are sorry about it, they will check and get back,” said Javed.

Frustrated Javed one day decided enough of these calls from Nisha, Disha and Manisha and tried to reach the customer care of the bank.

“Thanks to Google, easiest part was getting the customer care number and after that the real struggle started. Quickly my call got connected to IVR and after authentication I was put on queue. My number was 46 on the queue and was getting repeated reminders to stay in line as my call is so important for the bank. After losing more than 2 hours, my number in queue came down to 6 when suddenly call dropped and I was back to square one,” Javed said with frustration.

He continued, “After trying for fifteen days, one day I was able to reach someone, I did not care to ask the name of the person holding the phone at other end. After verification, the customer care executive apologized for the hardship I have gone through and told me they will settle the matter quickly.”

Javed further added, “It did not end there. I still got calls to settle my outstanding amount. Visited the branch few times to settle the matter, but they recommended me to contact customer care executive. In the process remembered all the customer care numbers which I will never forget in my life time and now am able to recite the back ground music very much the same way they play while keeping you on hold.”

“Thanks to my luck one day got a call from senior bank executive Divya to inform me that it was a system error and bank is sorry for what all I have to go through. Nevertheless she added, being a privileged customer, next time bank executives will be at my door step if I need a loan from them,” Javed said.

Javed got one more shock the day he received his phone bill which reflected his numerous calls to customer care executives.

“To settle the bill I was forced to apply for another personal loan as last thing I wanted is to have multiple calls from customer care executives of telecom service provider. The good part was, while applying for loan, call got connected quickly and without any paper work, the loan was approved within 48 hours,” Javed concluded.