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Man forgets all enmity with neighbor after receiving Arhar Dal as Diwali gift

11, Nov 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

Faridabad. 7 yrs old cold war between Neeraj Kumar, a 33 yrs old resident of Faridabad and his neighbor ended this Diwali when Neeraj received 2 Kg Arhar Dal as Diwali gift from his neighbor, Mr Jagdish Singh.

Arhar Dal is currently as expensive as a 1 BHK flat in rural places like Faridabad and such an expensive gift is unheard of among Indian Middle Class. This expensive gift has managed to defrost the relations between the two neighbors.

The ice breaker dal
The ice breaker dal

As per sources, this cold war started when Jagdish Singh started to sweep the dust outside his apartment towards Neeraj Kumar’s apartment and Neeraj Kumar’s dog started pooping in front of Jagdish’s apartment. The relations between the neighbors have been tense since with only a cordial greeting at social gatherings.

Speaking to Faking News, Mr Neeraj said, “Well I can’t be angry with him now, can I? 2 Kg Arhar Dal! I can’t even remember the last time I saw 2 Kg Dal at one place. I was so tired of mixing yellow water with my rice, now I can have proper Dal-Rice. This is the most valuable gift I have ever received and I will cherish it all my life. He can sweep the entire building’s dust towards my apartment now and I won’t even send my dog to poop in front of his house.”

“I am also feeling a bit embarrassed right now because I gave the standard dry fruits box to him as the Diwali gift. Hope he doesn’t think of me as a miser now. Maybe I will share a bowl of Dal with him to make up for it”, Neeraj added.

When we asked Jagdish the reason for buying such an expensive gift, he told us, “What expensive? I am a civil engineer in a Government department ji. This year every contractor is gifting Arhar Dal and Toor Dal packets. I am just redistributing. After all, how much Dal can one eat? Thankfully Neeraj gave me something different, though its cheap like him.”

Meanwhile experts have argued that Nawaz Sharif should also gift a 20 Kg Arhar Dal bag to Narendra Modi to resolve Indo-Pak disputes.