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Man gets an iPhone from company, applies for 2-year leave to understand features

10, Sep 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A 29-year-old man working in an MNC applied for a 2 years long leave after all his efforts to understand the features and functioning of a company given iPhone failed.

Last week Gaurav Dhawan was promoted for consistent performance and was rewarded with an iPhone, although he, rather inexplicably, expected a salary hike as part of the promotion package.

The most complex thing, along with his boss’ directions, on earth for Gaurav.

The phone was given to him earlier last week for official use to further optimize his performance, which could earn him a salary hike in a few years.

Gaurav was very happy and thought of spending few quick minutes to understand its functioning before breaking for lunch. But even after spending time till 11 in the night, all he could understand was how to switch the phone on and off.

He realized it was not going to be that easy a task for him and happily thought of spending the weekend learning more about the phone.

But his happiness was short-lived as even after spending 3 full days he failed to understand how the phone works.

“That explains why he got just a phone as promotion,” his boss told Faking News.

His boss further informed that Guarav failed to take some important calls from clients and couldn’t reply to his mails. Not only that, he ended up forwarding a few mails from Adult Friend Finder and pornographic sites to everyone in office while trying to swipe the screen.

“Boss had also given me a thick novel along with the phone, which I politely refused saying I am not into reading. I was taken aback when he told me it is not a novel but the user manual,” Gaurav tried to explain why he needed a two years long leave to understand the phone.

“My life without this phone was much simpler and ever since I have got it, my efficiency has gone to dogs. Half my day goes in unlocking it and other half in charging it,” complained Gaurav.

Latest reports suggest that Gaurav’s 2-year leave could get sanctioned as his boss is excited at the prospect of him not coming to office. An intern could be hired to over-compensate his absence.