Man gets drunk only after two pegs, attempts suicide out of shame

13, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Somras Awasthi, a 24-year-old man attempted suicide after he got drunk and lost his senses, only after two pegs of whisky at a weekend party.

One of his close friends Bopdev revealed that Somras was very ashamed of his “performance” in front of his colleagues from the office, where he joined merely a month back.

Glass of whiskey
Sipping more than you can gulp?

This was Somras’ first party with his new office friends, in fact, it was Somras who pestered them into organizing a “daaru party”.

“He was quite confident of his drinking capacity; at least this was what we felt after hearing his boastful stories about daring daaru parties. He claimed that he could drink half a bottle of whisky, neat,” said one of his colleagues when asked about Somras.

“God knows what’s the truth, we thought he was an avatar of Dionysus, Greek god of the winemaking and wine. But we were shocked to see him vomiting only after two pegs,” he added.

Somras felt so insulted after the party that he tried to commit suicide by drinking the whole bottle neat, after which he was immediately admitted to hospital. Doctors say he is out of danger.

“It is like, I lost my manhood. There was a time in college days, when juniors used to look up to me as a source of inspiration,” a depressed Somras told Faking News. He insisted that he was once a voracious drinker.

“It is time for introspection, and I need to emerge stronger from this gloomy situation,” he said. Somras has applied for a week long leave to practice drinking, his boss confirmed.

However his colleagues say that he is just trying to avoid facing them out of shame.

“He promised big and failed to deliver. Now he is trying to give it a spin like a politician. But we are not just another aam aadmi who will fall for promises and accept excuses,” one of Somras’ colleagues said.