Man gets sick during lockdown after breathing clean Delhi air

05, Apr 2020 By Sandeep Kadian
New Delhi: Hospitals in Delhi are already stretched beyond their limits due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and now they may have a new headache to deal with, people falling ill after breathing the clean air that has engulfed Delhi these days. Thanks to the lockdown, the air and water in Delhi has been the clearest in last 500 years, and it is starting to affect the health of the residents.
A 25 years old from RK Puram was rushed to AIIMS Emergency ward earlier today when he breathed fresh Delhi air for the first time in his life. With lack of any dust or smoke, his lungs couldn’t understand what has been sent to them and they rejected the air, making the man violently sick. This was not an isolated case as similar stories have emerged from several other hospitals, but thanks to the lockdown, we couldn’t go to those hospitals to verify.
During the lockdown, industrial and construction activities have slowed down to a crawl, and one can see its effect on the air. The visibility has improved so much that Delhi residents can even tell the colour of the house right opposite to their house, something they haven’t been able to do for decades. Not just the air, the Yamuna water has become clearer than the municipal water supply, and MCD has warned everyone to avoid drinking this clean water if they want to avoid any damage to their stomach.
To stop the spread of this new disease, Government of India and Delhi Government have come together for once, and took the decision to pollute Delhi as soon as possible, while maintaining social distancing during the lockdown. People have been asked to burn any combustible item they can find in their homes, and add some much needed smoke to the air.
Meanwhile, thanks to the absence of pollution during the lockdown, Government employees have finally been able to see the huge pile of pending files from their chairs.