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Man gets thrashed by family for saying 'keep the change!' to the waiter in a restaurant

04, Dec 2016 By RT

Mumbai: A man got thrashed by his own family in a city restaurant in front of several other guests who were chewing their food and enjoying this family drama live in action. The man was accompanied by his 2 brothers and parents, all of whom took turns on his face after he told the waiter to keep the change.

Mauka e Vardaat

The man, 29 yrs old Abhay had accompanied his family to what he thought was a regular dinner but which turned out to be a really traumatic experience for him. The problem started when Abhay asked the waiter to keep the change after his father paid the bill in cash. His entire family turned on him for throwing away change in tips during these times and it quickly snowballed into a physical thrashing for Abhay.

Speaking to Faking News, Abhay’s father said ,”Only reason we came out to eat was to get some change for our 2000 Rs notes. We carefully selected the dish to order to ensure that our total bill comes around 2100 Rs after adding the dozens taxes and cess that we pay. We thought we will give 2 notes of 2000 and will get 1900 Rs in return. However, this idiot without looking at the bill asked the waiter to keep the change and the waiter said thank you and left. Nikamma Nalayak, he doesn’t bring any change himself and gave away 1900 of our hard earned change.”

Meanwhile, speaking about the incident, Abhay said ,”It is all their fault, they never include me in their plans. If this was all a plan to get some change then they should have informed me. We are Crorepatis and we had never bothered with the change at restaurants earlier. Whatever may be the bill, we always asked the waiter to keep the change so I was just doing that. Little did I know that I will get beaten so badly over this.”

Meanwhile, Abhay’s father is now asking Abhay to go and start a friendship with neighborhood cigarette wala after hearing that he always has change for 2000 Rs note