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Man going regularly to gym for 2 days now, excited to share that he has lost 0.05 Kilos of weight

20, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Bengaluru: Senior associate principal software engineer with local software company ABCTechSoft Solutions, Mr Rosej Shah who has gained 12 KG of weight in past 6 months has happily declared that he is on the right track to good health and fitness owing to his regular gym sessions.

Mr. Shah making up for the 0.05 kgs he lost in the gym
Mr. Shah making up for the 0.05 kgs he lost in the gym

Mr. Rosej has been regularly going to gym for past 2 days and has claimed to have lost around 0.05 Kilos of weight after strenuous workout.

In his own words, “People may say it’s less, but I had to brisk walk on treadmill for whole 10 minutes at a fast pace of 4 Km/h, followed by bicycle for 7 mins at 46 rpm. I was 112 Kilos when I went in and when I came out of the gym after 2 hours, I was 111.95 Kilos. I had lost whopping 0.05 Kilos of bad fat. Regardless to say I was dead tired after this session and slept for 7 hours. Even missed my evening client call, for which I had to apologize later. But what can I say? Health first, work later, that’s my motto now.”

Rosej’s wife Mrs. Pari Shah however has expressed deep concerns over Mr. Rosej’s behavior. She said, “He has mentally prepared himself for going to gym for around 10 months before he agreed to step inside an actual gym. But 90% of the time in gym he is either gossiping with gym instructors or helping other people especially ladies with stretching exercises. I really hate that. When I told him not to do that he said ‘darling I got to take proper breaks between heavy workouts’. I was shocked … heavy my foot.”

“And that is not all, yesterday he consumed a whole large cheese burst pizza saying, arre darling ab to main gym jaane laga hu ye sab kha sakta hu. This gymming thing is doing more harm than good,” she added.

While it is not yet clear if Mr. Rosej will be able to continue with his strenuous diet and fitness regime, but Mrs. Shah has now started to look for an all-men gym for him and is even contemplating buying a treadmill at home.

She is especially worried since yesterday Mr. Rosej was found sleeping on an aerobics mat near the dumb-bell section with a 2 Kilo dumb-bell under his head being used as a pillow.