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Man hospitalized after listening to Honey Singh and Kishore Kumar songs back to back

04, Aug 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Lucky Singh, a 25-year-old man has been hospitalized after he listened to Yo Yo Honey Singh and (no such prefix) Kishore Kumar songs back to back.

Lo Lo Lucky, as he calls himself, who rarely listens to old melodies and who is an avid Honey Singh fan, was giving a try to Kishore Kumar songs on the occasion of legendary singer’s birthday today.

Honey Singh
Doctors say back to back Honey Singh and Jagjit Singh could be even more fatal.

“While enjoying Honey Singh’s ‘Aaj blue hai paani paani…‘ he saw Google doodle featuring Kishore Kumar, which prompted him to make a Facebook status update paying tribute to the singer. So, he shared YouTube link of one of his most famous song ‘Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa...’ and even tried to listen to it. That was when he started showing abnormal behavior,” recalled Lucky’s flatmate Ayush, narrating things which happened this morning.

After seeing “Lo Lo” banging his head, crying and shouting in weird way, a terrified Ayush immediately called other friends and they somehow managed to take him to the hospital.

In order to bring Lucky under control, doctor gave him sedatives and shocks (some undisclosed songs), after which the Honey Singh fan became normal.

Explaining Lucky’s behavior, doctor said that it happened most probably due to drastic change in the quality of songs he was listening to.

“Imagine jumping into a deep freezer seconds after coming out of a sauna bath,” Dr. Rafi explained to Faking News.

“Lucky’s friend told me that he was addicted to Honey Singh’s songs, and he used to listen to Himesh Reshamiya and Mika Singh whenever he felt like changing his mood a little. His nervous system was not yet ready for Kishore Kumar,” the doctor further explained.

Meanwhile following this incident, a warning has been issued by local administration requesting hardcore Honey Singh fans to avoid Kishore Kumar songs just because Google Doodle told them about this day.

“There is no need to put yourself in danger just because today is Kishore Kumar’s birthday,” urged a senior government official, “And those who really want to do that, please make it an easy transition. First listen to a slow song from early 2000s, then a Kumar Sanu song from 1990s and gradually move backwards towards Kishore Kumar songs.”