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Man in depression after not receiving telemarketing call for three consecutive days

23, Jan 2016 By chachachaudhary

New Delhi: A man named  Pareshan Singh filed a case against an insurance company in local court on account of him not receiving any telephone calls  from them.

No telemarketing calls can also lead to depression
No telemarketing calls can also lead to depression

The case was filed against Naak-Me-Dum(NMD) international is the company is famous for its tagline, ‘Appke saath bhi nahi, aapke baad bhi nahi’.

Faking news spoke to his lawyer  Chatur Singh regarding the same.

He angrily said, “My client had been receiving three marketing calls every day since last 9 years. Firstly he got irritated and opted for DND(Do Not Disturb),but the company being NMD international, he figured their way out of DND and used to call from different  landline numbers. Initially Pareshan thought of committing suicide but after hearing motivational quotes of  Birbal Baba he decided against it and decided to utilize those marketing calls. Pareshan used their calls as stress relievers and alarms.”

“In the morning at around 10 pm when their call used to come he used it as an alarm for tea break, in the afternoon for lunch alarm and in the evening for tea  and snack alram. Also he used to plan his official meetings in such a way that the phone would ring in a meeting and he can excuse his way out. He also used to tell the insurance company to call at certain times when his girlfriend would be calling him to be sure that when he gets a call from his girlfriend he is busy with the call of the insurance company,” he added.

“But now they have stopped calling my client and he is depressed. He forgets his tea and lunch, forgets to talk to his girlfriend during his free time. He cannot channel out his frustration either elsewhere. He used to be happy to be addressed as ‘Sir’ atleast,” Chatur Singh said with disappointment.

“The telemarketing calls were the only thing that gave him some respite off his hectic work pressure. This shows the lack of commitment on the part of insurance company for not calling him since last three days. I will definitely file for huge compensation for the trauma that has been suffered by my client,” he concluded.

When Faking news correspondent Bonobos tried calling the insurance company for clarification they refused to give any clarification until bonobos bought an insurance policy from them.