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Man invents time machine only to reply to his girlfriend's text on time

12, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Hyderabad: How far will you go to save your relationship? Can you invent a time machine to reply to your girlfriend’s text in order to avoid a fight? Well that is exactly what happened when a 27 years old Electronics and Communication engineering student, Pranav Jha invented a time machine to reply to his girlfriend’s text.

Pranav being an electronics and communication engineer always had girls around him. When he was in second year he proposed a girl who used to ask him to get her Xerox of his notes. After getting into the relationship Pranav wasn’t really happy as they used to have fights over silly things such as whatsapp last seen.

Once Pranav was busy on social media and couldn’t reply to her text within 10 seconds, after which she decided to break up. Being an engineer Pranav knew that he won’t get girl easily and reminded himself that an engineer can miss trains and flights but cannot miss a text of a girl.

He decided to take things in his hands and made a time machine to go back to the time to reply to her text. & Yes!! He surprised everyone; He actually made a time machine that can take him back by 10 seconds.

Pranav’s time machine not only created wonders for him but also attracted attention of Bigwigs. Many world leaders such as Donald Trump and Narendra Modi were ready to pay anything to buy this machine. Apparently machine became famous because it gave leaders the power to delete their claims that they made when they were in opposition. The promises which they made during the campaigning of the election.

Time machine is certainly a big invention but more than that it has also showed the world that not all Electronics and Communication engineers are meant only for TCS and Infosys.