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Guy next door ready to help his new neighbor in every possible way after noticing that have a good looking daughter

23, Nov 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: People living in metros often complain of neighbors who are not co-operative enough. But there are few like Rahul who go out of their way to help their neighbors.

When the useless neighborhood guy suddenly becomes extra friendly
When the useless neighborhood guy suddenly becomes extra friendly

Bangalore based techie Rahul is no less romantic than SRK’s Rahul has been over the years. He is staying in same house on rent for last ten years as his office as well as the multiplexes where he likes to see movies are nearby.

We spoke to Prof. Sharma who is staying in same locality for last twenty five years. He said, “I wanted to settle down here as this was a relatively calmer locality when I purchased my house which is not the case anymore. Also I saw there are many retired people like me who are staying nearby. Other than talking to our kids through skype, we manage our life by talking to each other. Younger generation never feels like they need to talk to people like us.”

Prof. Sharma added, “There are many techies like Rahul who are staying here on rent or PG accommodation. Forget about talking, they might have never felt giving people like me a smile. I do not want to blame them because I have seen Rahul leaving for office early and coming back late. Whenever Rahul would walk towards main road to catch his office cab, he would be always busy with his smart phone.”

Prof. Sharma said, “Rahul stays exactly opposite of my house. Recently I gave 1st floor of my house on rent to Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal who moved in along with their daughter just yesterday.  It’s not the same Rahul anymore. He is ready to help Mr. Agarwal in every possible manner. He got their gas connection transferred, within two hours brought cable connection. Till broadband connection is put up, he gave his tata photon+ dongle to Mr. Agarwal’s daughter.”

“Another remarkable change I have noticed in Rahul. It seems the work pressure in office has decreased; he stays in his room for long time. Hardly looks at his phone when walking in front of my house. Like Arjun had his eye on the fish eye, he looks at my first floor all the time. Ears are free to get a call from Agarwal’s family for some help. Like Hrithik got the purpose of his life in Lakshya, it seems our Rahul has got his own,” Prof. Sharma said

The other day Rahul smiled at me and told, “Uncle in case you need any help please let me know. I have all the apps installed. Plumber, electrician anyone you need, can be at your door step at short notice.”

Prof. Sharma hopes his new tenants stay for long time, so that he can spend time with his old neighborhood colleagues, without worrying about anything. For all the problems of his life he says Rahul Hai Na.