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Man kills neighbor for showing middle finger to his dog

26, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Gurgaon. A forty year old man shot dead his neighbor as he was enraged after the victim Ashok Dabas, a thirty five year old executive, apparently showed middle finger to his pet dog Kookoo. Ravindra Choudhary, the assailant who runs his own property dealing business, was taken into custody but later released on bail. The victim’s family is accusing the police of bias in the whole case.

“How can you let off someone guilty of murder? The police is biased because the SHO of the local police station belongs to the same gotra as that of that killer. Not only that Choudhary but his wicked dog Kookoo should also be arrested and sent to jail. If police does not act, we’ll ask our community members to pelt stones at the police station.” Vijay Dabas, the victim’s brother warned.

The police has denied charges of bias and considers the case as an instance of ‘urban anger’ as opposed to culpable homicide.

“Such cases are not new. People do get killed when they don’t allow vehicles to overtake or when they throw trash on neighbor’s terrace. In fact there have been cases when people have been killed over taste of chhole bhature. This was just another of those cases when Ravindra Choudhary was infuriated when Ashok Dabas showed middle finger to his dog. We are investigating the whole case.” Arun Choudhary, the local SHO said.

Kookoo, the winking dog
Kookoo, the winking dog

According to people living in the same colony where the murder happened this morning, Ravindra and Ashok had fought many times over Kookoo, Ravindra’s pet dog. Kookoo often used to urinate on Ashok’s car tyres and on a couple of occasions the dog even pooped in front of his house. To add to Ashok’s miseries, Kookoo had this strange habit of winking at people, which added insult to the injury of Ashok Dabas.

“When Ashok was getting ready to go to his office today morning, he discovered that there was a dog poop in front of his car. Angry and frustrated, he looked towards Ravindra’s house where Kookoo was having tea-biscuit along with his master. As soon as their eyes met, Kookoo winked at Ashok that made him get real agitated and he screamed “fuck you” to the dog and showed his middle finger to him. When Ravindra saw all this, he got even more agitated and fired three bullets from his revolver.” A neighbor told Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

Ravindra’s family members blame Ashok for the tragedy as they think that he acted illogically this morning by screaming and abusing the little dog. They accused Ashok of being insensitive to little Kookoo all along. On their request, police has sent a sample of that seeming dog poop to Hyderabad for DNA tests to find out if it was indeed Kookoo who had pooped in front of Ashok’s car.