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Man learns to play new mobile game by peeping over shoulder of co-passenger

23, Oct 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. As soon as Rajesh cleared the sixth level of Treasure Towers, his spectacular performance was applauded by at least three co-passengers, who had been silently but absorbedly witnessing the game on his mobile screen, where it was being played and telecasted live and free-to-air in Delhi Metro. Even though his newly made fans wanted him to continue, Rajesh, 23, decided to call it quits.

“I didn’t know how to react,” admitted a still shocked Rajesh after pausing the in-action Snake 3D game on his Nokia E-72, “As soon as I looked around after finishing the game, both these guys sitting on my either side seemed to smile at me. When I looked above, this guy who was standing in front of me in the crowded Metro also smiled.”

“I could understand the whole situation only after one of them asked if mobile games were designed by American or Chinese companies,” Rajesh said, “WTF! The buggers had been peeping into my cell phone! This means they might have read the SMS I sent to Shilpi earlier.”

Rajesh terms his newly made fans as the “peeping toms” of Metro and believes that the authorities should take some action against persons who keep on staring at the mobile screens, newspapers, books, shoes, chests or faces of the co-passengers.

Mobile screens should strictly be defined as private space, many demand

“They should announce something like – passengers are requested not to peep into the belongings of others – during the journey or provision for imposing a penalty on such guys,” he suggested.

Many others, like Priyank, agree with Rajesh and believe that the number and nerves of such peeping toms were on the rise.

“The other day I was updating my facebook status through my iPhone and this guy beside me was staring all through, as if approving each of my steps,” Priyank recalled, “and when I stared back at him, he had the guts to ask me if I could search his facebook profile on my iPhone as he wanted to check if there were any new wall postings. Can you believe it?”

Kamal had a worse experience when his co-passenger asked if he could spare his left earphone and “share” music from his iPod.

Government authorities have confirmed that such instances were on the rise but have expressed helplessness in dealing with them. “Unless such actions can be proved as criminal voyeurism, we can’t do much. Right now most of them appear as positive externalities to the peeping toms,” said a freelance lawyer.

Faking News could talk to one of such so-called peeping toms Abhishek, who was peeping over the shoulders of Rajesh early today.

“Hehehe, yes, the guy seems to have had a fight with his girlfriend, whose name was Shilpi if I remember correctly?”Abhishek confirmed Rajesh’s apprehensions, before adding, “It was fun, I learnt to play that new game today, would ask my friend to download it on his Nokia phone.”

Mobile game khelne ke liye na kisi mobile ki zarurat nahi hoti (one doesn’t need to buy any mobile handset to play mobile games),” said Abhishek.